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C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart

The C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart delivers ozone-enriched cold water for clean-in-place and surface sanitation uses. Powerful, effective, well-designed, reliable, safe for the environment, and easy to maneuver, the cart replaces traditional hot water and harsh chemical surface disinfection and provides safe sanitation on contact.


  • Easy to use punch button controls/full system monitoring indicators                      
  • Microprocessor controlled ozone system with built-in soft start and self diagnostics
  • Rotary vane booster pump-boosts low pressure water supplies for better coverage
  • Typical ozone dosage rate is 8.0 ppm at 10 gpm
  • Separately controlled ozone oxygen gas outlet
  • Built-in oxygen concentrator delivering 93% oxygen at 15 SCFH
  • Tri-clover fittings to 3/4 FNPT inlet and outlet (optional front or back location)
  • Welded stainless steel tubing frame and water safe stainless exterior
  • Built-in tool basket
  • Designed for easy service access and maintenance
  • Critical parts are fully-contained for water safe operation
  • Designed with low center of gravity, well-balanced, and a small footprint
  • Ozone/oxygen gas flow meter