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Oak Infusion Spiral

The Oak Infusion Spiral: The Smartest Oak Alternative

Understanding the role of oak in the winemaking function was—and still is—the inspiration for the design, manufacture, assembly and packaging of The Oak Infusion Spiral by The Barrel Mill. We believe that in addition to contributing aroma and flavor, an oak adjunct must offer convenience, simplicity, refinement and unquestionable value in a neat, clean, quality-controlled package. Furthermore, when all of these benefits come in a product that performs eight times faster than a new oak barrel, winemakers see, taste, smell, feel and experience for themselves why the Oak Infusion Spiral earns its designation as the smartest oak alternative.

The Oak Infusion Spiral delivers refined quality, elegant integration of wine and oak and a complexity that rivals the finest grained French or American oak barrels. Aroma impact is noticeable but not heavy. Flavor impact is complementary from the background, always respecting the fruit. With every vintage, more and more winemakers across the country are experiencing the quality and value of the Oak Infusion Spiral. And while they still may insist that great wine is made in the vineyard, having the Oak Infusion Spiral in the winery makes achieving greatness that much easier.