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C1 MOBILE DISINFECTION CART - Advanced Ozone Delivery System

AaquaTools C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart by ClearWater Tech is the perfect one-stop solution for your surface sanitation and disinfection needs. Winemakers and all food and beverage professionals understand the benefits of ozone as a disinfection tool and a safe organic solution that can replace traditional or harsh disinfection products. The challenge has been, finding the the most powerful, well designed, effective and reliable, yet affordable product to offer. This is it. Designed from the ground up for the wine and food processing industries, the new C1 mobile disinfection cart is the perfect solution for barrels, tanks, process equipment, floors, walls and surface sanitation using dissolved ozone added, to the water you supply, at the rate and concentration you desire. • Precision welded stainless steel frame • Small foot print • Engineered with center of gravity in mind for easy, stable maneuverability • Convenient work basket with built in drain • Oxygen and ozone gas features standard • 12V control panel • Manufactured in California wine country The C1 mobile disinfection cart comes standard with a separately controlled ozone gassing feature. This supply of ozone gas offers you greater disinfection options and is typically used to gas and preserve stored barrels instead of Sulfur Dioxide. In addition to ozonated water, ozone gas will help disinfect sealed containers or tanks, and work as a part of your environmental disinfection protocol. Further, the mobile cart comes standard with a separately controlled oxygen gas feature useful in micro-oxy applications. Special Features: • Easy to use push button controls – full system monitoring indicators • Microprocessor-controlled ozone system with built-in soft start and self-diagnostics • Rotary vane booster pump – boosts low pressure water supplies for better coverage • Ozone production up to 18 grams/hour via gas outlet • Typical ozone dosage rate is 8.0 ppm at 10 gpm • Separately controlled ozone and oxygen gas outlet • Built-in oxygen concentrator delivering 93% oxygen at 15 scfh • ¾ fnpt inlet (optional front or back location) and outlet • Stainless steel welded tubing frame and water safe exterior • Built-in tool basket • Designed for easy service access or maintenance • Critical parts are fully-contained for water safe operation • Designed with low center of gravity, well-balanced and a small footprint • Ozone/oxygen gas flow meter Options: • Water hoses • Barrel washers • Tri-clover fittings • ORP monitor • Dissolved O3 monitor • Ambient ozone monitor • Dissolved ozone test kit