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The model TBC-CABINET / 2&4 are “cabinet” style machines with a body which safely houses the majority of the working components in a robust cabinet for added durability and component protection. These machines have the advantage of a separate barrel roller assembly which allows the use of barrel racks that are “non-standard”, including the stackable “nesting” racks. These machines are available in both 2 and 4 barrel configurations. Like all TBC Barrel Washers they feature the state of the art components, proven design, and our full one year warranty backed with our dedicated service and parts support system.

SPECIAL FEATURES: • All stainless steel construction • Load and unload on racks via forklist • Intergral Roller Assembly for easy bunghole alignment • Programmable to minimize water consumption and maximize cleaning efficiency • Certified NEMA 4X Electrical Components • Ozone capable and compatible • Portable OPTIONAL FEATURES: • Lees Recovery System • Automatic Barrel Rolling System