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Spring’Finer™ - Functional Product

A perfect fining agent produced from yeast. Exclusively from yeast origin, the yeast protein extract Spring'Finer is allergen free and can be considered as the sole fining agent totally integrated in wine elaboration. For Premium red and white wines, notably aged in barrels, to refine them before bottling. For strongly pressed must and wines, in order to remove the mots astringent tannins. The modern oenology must adapt to new demands on consumers safety, notably on the presence of allergenic substances in the oenological products used by winemakers. As a consequence, current usage of products derived from eggs and milk as protein fining agents, especially egg albumen and casein, is particularly controlled and can be subjected to a specific labeling according to the European regulation (EU) n°579/2012. In this scope, Fermentis, in collaboration with the company Sofralab, developed a unique industrial process allowing the extraction and the preservation of native proteins from a specifically selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain whose fining capabilities are remarkable.