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High Proof Grape Spirits

Winemaking Challenge: You need high quality, reliable grape spirits for your operations

Winesecrets offers Premium Grape Spirits for alcohol addition and sanitation requirements.  Distilled from wine, these products with three levels of alcohol content (170, 180 & 190 proof), will provide you with the alcohol you need to meet stylistic requirement. See detials below.

Grape Spirits High Proof Samples

Original Blend at ~170 Proof (~85% Alcohol)
•    Single distillation
•    Continuous column distilled from RO permeate
•   Moderately clean spirit; somewhat fruity character; great for general wine fortification and cellar sanitation

Premium Blend at ~184 Proof (~92% Alcohol)
•    Double distilled
•    Batch method; Original Blend re-distilled in a copper pot still with rectification column
•   Very clean spirit; pleasant, fruity character; perfect for fortifying high-end/premium wines, making ports, and use in alcohol tincture making where fruity character is desired

Pure Blend at ~190 Proof (~95% Alcohol)
•    Triple Distilled
•    Batch method; Premium Blend re-distilled in a vodka column
•   Exceptionally clean spirit; neutral character; great for any use where a true neutral spirits is required including vodka, wine spirits additions, sanitation, and tincture making

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