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European-Made Stainless Steel Tanks

Container Logic SRP offers wine containers that have been trusted and proven by some of Europe’s finest wineries. Designed to allow versatility and flexibility in the fermentation process, our containers have the applications available to meet your production needs. Features include – top manway for adding ingredients with a pressure relief valve (PRV), COvalve, and tri-clamp welded to the lid; two tri-clamps on the mantle for racking arm, sight glass and other accessories; a PRV on the cone; and a 2” butterfly valve on the conical bottom ideal for aiding in the removal of unwanted solids. With pressures available from 1 bar to 7 bar, our wine containers are certain to aid in the production of your finest wines.


Uses include (but not limited to)

Fermentation Tank

Blending Tank

Topping Tank

Charmat Production

Pét-Nat production

Sparkling Wines

Cider production