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The Digest of Wine & Spirits Law

The Digest of Wine & Spirits Law is a compilation and condensation of statues, regulations and administrative decisions from all states governing the sales and marketing of wine and distilled spirits. It is a user-friendly reference guide to the information you need to conduct business as a producer or importer in the wine and spirits industry. It has been specifically designed to eliminate the problem of spending hours searching for the statutes or regulations relevant to your situation. It is available in print and online versions. The online version allows the subscriber to access desired information by subject or by state. The print version comes in a four binder set. Digest subscribers represent all aspects of the alcoholic beverage industry, from wineries, distilleries and importers to attorneys, trade associations, and industry consultants. Anyone who needs to navigate the regulations of selling and marketing wine and distilled spirits will be benefitted by a subscription to this versatile service.