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A blend of our two favorite things, wine and margaritas.  We have taken the flavor of a margarita and lightened the taste with White Wine. Kosher.

A tropical blend of pineapple and coconut, all natural. Blend with any white wine. Kosher.

A perfect and refreshing blend of wine and a frozen drink. Blend with your favorite Red Wine for a full bodied drink, White Wine for a lighter taste, or Fruit Wine for a sweeter treat. The options are never ending. Kosher.

Small boxes make 1 blender of frozen drink.  They come with a hanger to place on a wine bottle. Available in all flavors. Kosher

A sophisticated twist on a trendy city classic with a combination of the cosmopolitan and a frozen cocktail. Blend with your favorite White Wine. Kosher.

Harry's Bar in Venice claims credit for creating the Bellini, Wine-a-Rita claims credit for making it fun.  Blend with your favorite White Wine or add some bubbles-- blend with Proscecco, Sparkling Wine or Champagne. ...

All natural with a blend of sweet strawberries and juicy mangos. Blend with any white wine.  Kosher

Lemon Drop provides a truly delicious natural tart cocktail with just the right amount of sweetness.

Natura Water Purification Systems provides an economical solution with an environmental-friendly alternative to bottled water. The systems dispense both chilled sparkling, chilled still and ambient water, with a patented three-step filtration process. From large scale ...