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Barrel Picker

NEW forklift attachment to lift and transport barrels safely.

• Designed to safely remove stacked barrels from the inside of trucks,

and safely load on to barrel racks.

• Reduces the chance of employee injury lifting and moving heavy barrels.

• Manufactured out of 304 stainless steel for sanitation and durability.

• Mounts to forklift mast similarly to the forks and is locked onto the forklift.

• Utilizes forklift hydraulic system four (4) valves to control barrel gripping

and forward tipping.

• Features quick-connect hydraulic fittings and a quick-connect mast system

for easy installation and fast change overs.

• Can be customized to any class of forklift mount.

• Barrel Picker works on empty wine and Spirit barrels with a croze end

(near the quarter hoop) barrel diameter range of approximately 22” to 26”

at a 31 ½” spacing from barrel center.