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These whimsical Cork Caddies are great for collecting and saving your wine bottle corks. Made with durable steel and a patina finish, they hold between 50-100 corks, depending upon size. Head tilts opens to access ...

Natural Cork

Lafitte provides natural cork closures of the highest grade, made from only the best quality cork oak and subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure top performance.

Silktop Technical Cork

Pearl Micro-Agglomerated Cork

Colmated Natural Cork

The stylish and contemporary design of the Cortica Double Bottle Carrier, increases the value of the wine inside two-fold. This fully-insulated cork & “vegan leather” tote has a hidden magnetic closure which secures ...

The 1+1 closure from Lafitte is made with natural cork discs at each end of an agglomerated cork constructed of natural cork granules sourced from the production of our natural cork closures.

This innovative, state-of-the-art technology was developed to sterilize and improve the quality of natural cork closures. SARA Advanced® is a preventative and curative method that reduces TCA and volatilizes other phenols found in natural ...

A perfectly balanced system from Lafitte offering two high performance products, the CLASS and the IN-NOVA.  Both products benefit from the revolutionary MAXCLEAN System.