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UX-520 Ultra-High Color Wine

UX-520 Addition Trials: What We’ve Learned from Blending


UX-520 is an intensely colored red wine made using a proprietary process. This product is intended to enhance the color of weaker red wines through controlled blending.

A series of volumetric additions to a Cabernet Sauvignon base wine was performed using the UX-520 wine to predictively model the effect of increasing dosage

The effects were quantitatively measured using the most widely accepted testing criteria for determination of wine color (Tristimulus/CIE, absorbance at 420 nm / 520 nm and the corresponding calculation of intensity and hue).


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The data from Cielab measurements (as an approximation to visual stimuli) demonstrates a beneficial result for red color intensity. 

Regression data show a constant linear increase according to amount of UX-520 added to the wine, moving away from the green portion of the spectrum and toward the red. On average a 3.4% increase was achieved with every 1% of UX-520 added to the base wine.

Similarly, from spectrophotometric data, increases in both absorbance in the desired range (520nm) and Intensity, were achieved by addition of the UX-520. Again, a linear relationship was observed with average incremental increases of 4.1% and 3.9% respectfully, for ABS @ 520nm and Intensity, for every 1% of UX-520 added to the base wine.

Finally, a net beneficial impact with respect to hue was achieved through the addition of UX-520 to the base wine. This data, represented by the ratio of absorbance @ 420nm/absorbance @ 520nm, show an incremental decrease of 0.4% on average for every 1% of UX-520 added.  This visually translates to moving the wine color away from yellowish/orange to reddish/purple hues.


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Published: Fall 2018