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Supply chain management has long been a pain point in the spirits industry. With Prosurix, you will now be able to track a bottle from the time of bottling to the retail purchase of your bottle. Each bottle has a unique Prosurix tag attached at the time of bottling and encoded with its unique encrypted ID. As the bottle travels from bottling, to distribution, to retail, and ultimately to the consumer, the Prosurix tag is scanned at every entry and exit so you can track your inventory in real time. The benefits are clear; bottlers can track their inventory, distributors can know where every case is at any given moment, and retailers know exactly how many bottles they received and how many they sold. Retailers and distributors can work together on reorder thresholds and execute fill-in orders automatically. To make the process even more efficient, every scan of a Prosurix tag is appended with GPS information. This additional layer of information helps the marketing department as well as distribution. This allows producers to market to consumers in the 21st century!