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Palletizing, depalletizing and conveying technology

Emmeti designs, produces, and installs complete cold-end lines for the glass industry (hollow glass), packaging lines for plastic and beverage industries. We offer cost-effective and flexible packaging solutions to reduce downtime, maintain high efficiency through the entire lifetime of our equipment, improve the quality of finished products, thus to assure our customers full satisfaction and a quick pay off.

Our Machine Range:

Glass bottles palletizers: Pantograph, portal and sweep type palletizes. Palletizers for cases, bundles and crates: In line and "T" shape, high and low-level palletizers 

Robot Palletizers: Robotic pal/depal for 5-gallon bottles, for pallets with mixed products, for bottles and jars, for plastic crates and cases. Robotic palletizers for HDPE containers, for PET bottles and HDPE containers 

Case and crate packers: Case packer available with 2, 3 or 4 heads 

Complementary equipment for case packers: Case Former for corrugated cardboard with bottom sealing by PVC tape, case former for corrugated cardboard with bottom sealing by "Hot Melt" glue and gluing/taping carton sealer for corrugated cardboard with upper sealing by "Hot Melt" glue or PVC 

Complementary equipment for glass bottles palletizers: Layer formation devices, pallet labelers, empty pallet dressing lines, tray formers, and shuttle trolleys 

Depalletizers: High and low-level sweep type palletizers with stationary or mobile pallet