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Arconvert to showcase H+Opacity™ and Avec Plaisir

In the wine and spirits industry, labels must look pristine from the labeling lines to consumers' hands, especially at the most critical performance time, when the bottles are chilled in ice bucket prior to serving. Industry-standard wet strength papers may lose their opacity in these extreme wet conditions, turning gray and altering the label appearance. The brief for a special celebratory catalog was met by the renowned JJ Bertran Studio with Avec Plaisir which contained a visual feast of label designs on 10 self-adhesive papers that have, in the last decade, revolutionized labels for high-end brands. Each exquisite label tells a story, stimulates the senses, is thought-provoking, at times provocative, but always inspiring. The labels, on iconic Manter papers, showcase the impressive scale of detail possible in the hands of an inspired designer and highly skilled printer and is a must-have catalog essential to customers looking for quality, versatility and technical potential.