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The Turrentine Outlook - Forecasts and Strategies for a Competitive Advantage

The Turrentine Outlook ©

The Turrentine Outlook©, fully updated and published each year in June, includes strategic information, color charts and graphs with corresponding analysis, and projections for each varietal across the key districts of California. Strategic commentary is also provided on international supplies and other forces shaping the U.S. market. Each full issue also includes the highly regarded “Wine Business Wheel of Fortune©”, a model that accurately depicts the cyclical nature of grapes and wine supply, along with the volatile impact to the many stakeholders across the supply chain.

Assembled by a team of wine business veterans with a deep understanding of the forces impacting wine grapes and bulk wine supplies, The Turrentine Outlook© is unlike other sources of supply and demand data. Our proprietary information is based on real world sales of grapes and wines in bulk, both in California and around the globe.

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