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ViniLiquid™ - Fermentation Aid

The most efficient nutrient for multiple savings. ViniLiquid is an efficient fermentation activator manufactured in order to benefit from the optimized synergy between both soluble and insoluble parts of highly degraded autolyzed yeasts. Its innovating liquid form makes winemakers work easier. It is particularly adapted for wineries facing operational time reduction issues and/or difficult fermentable musts i.e. with low available nitrogen, poor vitamins composition, survival factors deficiency, etc. and rich in fermentable sugars (high potential alcohol). FERMENTATIVE EFFICIENCY: Fermentis works showed that both soluble and insoluble parts of a fully autolyzed yeast are respectively of great interest regarding fermentation activation. The soluble part containing a concentrated pool of free amino acids has a much stronger fermentative power than sole ammonium source helping winemakers reaching faster and more complete fermentations. The insoluble part (i.e. yeast hulls) has an important kinetic impact alone and improves the fermentative efficiency of the initial nitrogen supplement. Based on these results, ViniLiquid has been developed to combine these synergetic effects. Thanks to its liquid form, the direct effect of ViniLiquid on the yeasts creates a spectacular fermentation speed increase when added between 1/3 and 1/2 fermentation. Its supply leads to an important cellular regrowth and viability maintenance allowing a fast and clean fermentation achievement, especially in combination with an initial oxygen supply. When added before malolactic fermentation its micro peptide pool is particularly interesting for the growth and the performance of lactic bacteria. E2U: Direct use in the must without prior dissolution, Total dispersibility into the must without any homogenization problems, Pumpable and homogenous, ready to inject manually or via automatized systems. SECURITY: ViniLiquid liquid form eliminates the risk of inhalation related to highly dusty products.