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SpringCell™ BIO - Fermentation Aid

The organic version of pure yeast hulls. Some of the operations made to activate fermentation act on the yeast growth and the fermentation kinetic at its beginning only without acting on the yeast survival or the end of fermentation. The use of SpringCell BIO yeast hulls helps acting on the yeast viability on a long term thanks to their must detoxification properties and the supply in survival factors for the yeast generations formed during the yeast growth phase. Yeast cell walls are performing fermentation aids that allow acting efficiently against stuck & sluggish fermentation. SpringCell BIO yeast hulls are issued from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts specifically grown on organic certified substrate and processed accordingly to keep an organic certification. ADSORPTION OF THE COMPOUNDS THAT ARE TOXIC FOR YEAST: Inhibitive fatty acids, phyto sanitary products residues, ochratoxin A, thanks to the presence of glucans & mannans that fix these compounds. RICHNESS IN SURVIVAL FACTORS, STEROLS, UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS, CONSIDERED AS OXYGEN SUBSTITUTES: These elements allow the protection of successive generations of active yeast from the first generation while maintaining the integrity of their membrane while increasing their resistance to ethanol. CELLULAR MULTIPLICATION RATE INCREASE: SpringCell BIO is the only activator allowing to reach a total consumption of sugars in a must whose fermentation is slow, without producing volatile acidity. SUPPORT ROLE IN MUSTS: SpringCell BIO is almost 100% insoluble and has a support effect in highly clarified musts by increasing their turbidity without the inconvenience of organoleptic deviations that can be caused by lees.