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SpringCell™ Color G2 - Functional Product

The new generation of SpringCell Color. SpringCell Color G2 is an optimization of the SpringCell Color. Based on pure inactivated yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae particularly rich in polysaccharides, it improves the action of the SpringCell Color on the intensity and the stability of the polyphenolic profile of red wines. SpringCell Color G2 brings a better quality of the wine structure (especially tannins) consequently improving the organoleptic profile of full bodied medium to long ageing premium reds. SpringCell Color G2 is suitable for: The elaboration of intense and round medium to long ageing red wines, Long maceration musts or musts that have undergone a too strong extraction (softening of green tannins), Wines from highly tannic and colored cultivars, Wines with already experienced unstable color.