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Custom Candles Made from Your Very Own Empty Bottles

Here at Glassed Over, we will take your empty glass bottles and turn them into your very own personalized candles for you and your customers to enjoy. We take the empty bottles that feature your brand name or labels and we cut off the top of each bottle, leaving the labels in perfect condition. We then highly polish the edge and fill the cut bottles with eco-friendly 100% soy wax. This creates an amazing scented candle that prominently features your company label or brand name. We have a variety of incredible fragrances you may choose from. HOW IT WORKS Save any empty bottles you would like turned into candles. We can cut any size or shape. Most companies in your industry have empty bottles from the tasting room. We can pick up the bottles from you at no charge, or you can ship them to us.* We offer a pickup/delivery service from Los Angeles to Paso Robles. You let us know exactly how you want your candles. Where to cut the bottle, which fragrance, when you need them, and we take care of the rest. We want to make this easy on you while providing you with an outstanding handcrafted product.