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29 mm - Sparkling Wine cap

The PVC-free liner is used together with the Obturateur DAP (also known as Bidule) for vinification using the "Classic Method" or the traditional method (Méthode Traditionelle) or with a shaped liner destined for use with all types of sparkling wine. Used for the second fermentation in bottle, it will then be substituted by the champagne cork to be put on the market

  • Available in steel, the FERYL line (tin plate), and Aluminium, INOXAL line.
  • Suitable for bottles with "Champenoise" method openings.
  • The liners available are different according to the permeability allowing for a better control of the ageing process based on the type of wine and the size of the bottle.
  • SATURNE/MERCURE, PVC-free liner (profile 103) with physical barrier (oxygen and volatile substances), improved shape and perfectly compatible with the Obturateur DAP.
  • PL, polyethylene liner with excellent organoleptic qualities. It eliminates the need for the Obturateur DAP during the ageing of sparkling wines using the "Méthode Traditionelle" by having a small container for the lees of the wine, one piece with the liner.