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Multiple Virus Test

Newly introduced by Eurofins - Bio Diagnostics in October of 2016, the Target Enriched Multiplex – Polymerace Chain Reaction, TEM- PCR, is the first multiple virus test of its kind. Testing for 12 different RNA viruses, 1 DNA virus, and 1 bacteria in one single reaction, this test provides incredible cost savings over previous options. 

Virus tested includes: GLRaV 1, GLRaV 2, GLRaV 2- Red Globe, GLRaV 3, GLRaV 4, GLRaV 4 - Ob strain, GLRaV 4 - Car strain,  GLRaV 5, GLRaV 6, GLRaV 7, GLRaV 9, GFLV, GRBaV, and one bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa for only US$165.00.