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Case Packer Model 2800

The Model 2800 top load case packer is the right choice for packing straight wall or tapered bottles at up to 40 cycles per minute. With the precision supplied by the servo motor, the packer smoothly handles loading bottles into 6 - 12 and 24 pack cartons.  The packer will run both newly erected cartons and reshippers and can load up to two cases per cycle. Changovers are simple and do not require tools. Other key features include:

Unique Split Infeed slows down speed of bottles entering loading zone

  • Minimizes impact on containers
  • Lessens line pressure for improved product handling
  • Reduces container breakage and damages
  • Diminishes noise generation on glass bottles

Hartness’ Air Transfer technology

  • ensures precise alignment of the containers
  • eliminates line pressure.

Placehead Packing Option

  • Grippers capture and lower the containers into the carton, guided through "fingers"
  • Controlled handling for lightweight glass, label sensitive and/or high value products