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rAPID-T System

Astoria-Pacific offers an incredibly versatile discrete system for its customers

The advantages of this system are numerous:

  • Multiple analyses can be run with no physical changes to the system
  • The operator can select what analyses he/she would like to run on each sample
  • Rreagent consumption is even lower than our Astoria and Astoria2 systems, generally ~ 5 – 60 uL
  • In-line dilution of above-range samples and in-line standards prep from a single stock standard are included
  • Periodic maintenance is reduced because of the elimination of pump tubes, transmission tubing, dialysis membranes, etc.
  • The software is more intuitive and provides complete control of the system’s components.

With a colorimetric detector, 40 place sample rack, a 10  place reagent tray, and quick analysis rates of up to 200 tests per hour. In the Wine Industry, common tests such as Acetic Acid, Ammonia, G+F, Malic Acid, NOPA and Total Sulfite can be run.