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22.75 oz. Vinea Nero d'Avola Stemless Wine Glass

An impressive stemless of great originality and lightweight, suitable for both casual and sophisticated events. An astonishing shape, outside the box yet designed to have a functional use. In mature reds, produced in sunny climate areas, it highlights all hidden olfactory notes enhancing their full aromatic spectrum.

Vinea wine glasses were created for Italian vine varietals but can be used for the enjoyment of any wine as they highlight sensorial perceptions, emphasizing their organoleptic qualities. These wine glasses help the wine to release an explosion of all the characteristic flavors while at the same time lessening the alcoholic elements in the aroma. By doing so, experts and novices alike will find the taste and aroma created most enjoyable. 

67 cl - 22 3/4 oz
h 12,2 cm - 4 3/4"
Max Ø 10,2 cm - 4"

Nero d’Avola Terre
Siciliane Igp
Salento Igp