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Pall Oenoflow™ PRO XL Filtration System

Oenoflow PRO XL systems are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of mid-sized and large wineries. Clarification is achieved in a single process step without the need for filter aids, centrifugation or significant impact on the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. By increasing yields, reducing waste volumes and maintaining more consistent filtrate quality, the fully automated systems provide a cost saving sustainable alternative to traditional wine clarification methods.

 The systems utilize Pall’s proven hollow fiber membranes with unique mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance which allow high productivity and repeated exposure to aggressive cleaning regimes. The large surface area modules enable manufacture of compact systems with low water and chemical consumption in line with winery conservation programs.

 The Oenoflow PRO XL system introduces Pall’s new Optimizer algorithm which automatically adjusts system settings in real time based on the wine’s individual physical and chemical characteristics.

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