Targeted E-mail Marketing

Featured Products & Services Email

The WIN Featured Products & Services Email provides brand awareness and product or service exposure to vendors seeking to stay top-of-mind. This category-specific newsletter offers viewers a brief editorial lead-in related to the category promoted and gives suppliers and service providers a direct-marketing tool that drives inbound requests for more information.

Program Information

Featured positions/spots highlight a particular WIN member’s product or service and consist of an image and brief description. The featured spot (top position) offers increased exposure and positions this vendor as the leader in that particular category.

The newsletter is distributed via email to 12,000-16,000 subscribers once every two weeks and will also be promoted across our social media platforms. Participating members have the opportunity to review, edit, and approve final copy prior to launching the campaign. Campaigns include:

  • 40-70 Words of Copy
  • Product or Service photo of your choice
  • Detailed Performance Report that includes email metrics, page view reporting, social media performance and lead generation information.

Promotion & Distribution Channels

In addition to reaching over 12,000 - 18,000 WIN subscribers with a targeted email blast, the Featured Products & Services Newsletter will be promoted in the following ways to ensure maximum exposure:

  • Posted on the following WIN social channels:
    • LinkedIn: 37,000+ Followers
    • Facebook: 11,000+ Followers
    • Twitter: 6,300+ Followers

Cost Effective

Featured Products & Services campaigns are only $350 per spot / per campaign for WIN Members or $500 for non-members. The featured position (top-most placement) is $500 per spot / per campaign for WIN Members or $650 for non-members. Dates are reserved in advance and participation is limited.

Contact Us

A limited number of Featured Newsletters are produced each year. For more information email contact@wineindustrynetwork.com or call 707-433-2557

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